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Deluded Visions

Taking your "literary artform" and getting my plebeian cooties all over it.

18 May
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I am interested in reading and writing a good deal. Recently (as in within the last year or so) I've been having a mostly good time combining the two as a beta reader.

As a very blunt warning to anyone reading this and thinking "Oh Boy!" while I may be a mostly nice person in most other areas, I am often not a nice beta reader. I've been called vicious, spiteful and petty as a reviewer. If I think your stuff sucks, I won't mince words about it and will go into great detail about why and where I think it sucks. To be fair, if I find anything I liked, even a tiny bit, no matter if it was one snippet of dialogue, I will mention it as a positive. That being said, I have left glowing happy reviews before. I rather wish I got to write them more often.

I also write stories. Admittedly, I write mostly fan fiction, but I do have a few original ideas kicking about. Besides, my fan fiction makes me happy, even if no one reads it.